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Kirill Reznichenko’s Studio

Welcome! The main direction of Rain Style studio is the 3D graphics. We provide services practically in all the spheres of its application: video advertising, special effects, architectural object visualizations, we create graphics for computer game sites and software applications. The studio is located not in Moscow that positively influences the cost of our services, thus you will be able to estimate the quality and our professional competence, having a look at the portfolio section. It is also very easy to contact us, all you need is to call or write a letter. PDF Portfolio.

Recent projects of ours:


Video for 1C (accounting program) training

Video for 1C (accounting program) training. Cinema demonstration stereo format!


National overcast platform O7. The video is designed for presentation performance. The whole designing process, including editing and visualization took about three weeks.

SU – 155 group of companies

Architectural visualization of a “Dolgoprudny 19” comfort class panelized house based on I -155Mk series by Su – 155 group of companies. Project design took about two and a half weeks.

Advertising video. Animation.

It is the most popular, effective and visual way to advertise your company, output and facilities. Every modern advertising video cannot do without high quality, representational computer graphics. High technology enables us to implement any bold idea!

  • Videos
  • Animation
  • Computer graphics production
  • Television broadcast design
  • Captions

Multimedia presentations

It is visual, available way to represent your company, output, facilities. As well as to explain your output and facilities usage principals and emphasize the main advantages comparing to the business rivals. The three-dimensional graphics will make demonstration process more effective and representative.

  • Presentation slideshow
  • Presentation Video

Architectural Visualization

It is an effective way to demonstrate the future architectural object in all the detail. Imagine, we can create a virtual tour around an unfinished construction, show the object’s location advantages and its infrastructure, the technology, used during the construction period. The possibilities are practically unlimited depending on your goal.

  • Apartment, office, restaurant, shop, entertainment complex interiors
  • Virtual tours
  • Cottage, building, house quarter exteriors
  • Large architectural project visualization: sport complexes, parks, house quarter, resort areas
  • Landscaping project visualization

Site, game, software application 3D graphics

Modern technology development implements high requirements to the visual part of sites, program applications and computer games. In order to be competitive and attract more new customers it is really important to keep up with the time. Beautiful 3D static pictures, interactive banners enabling to rotate your product, see it from all sides; understand advantages and the principals of its operation are becoming more and more popular. It is all a reality now with the use of modern 3D technology for sites.

Beautiful graphics is the main component of computer games and program applications. As your customers “chose by the image” it is ineffective to economize on it. Our company provides a wide range of facilities in this direction:

  • Videos, static pictures, teasers
  • Site interactive 3D graphics
  • Subject visualization
  • 3D banners
  • Computer game graphics
  • Program application graphics
  • Advertising concept development

Frame School – computer graphics trainings by studio professionals

Apart from main studio work we are interested in training and attracting new professionals. We collaborate with Voronezh State University and Autodesk company. Lessons for the interested are conducted at Computer Science department. If you want to study 3D graphics and work in this direction, don’t lose your chance! All detailed information on training and scheduling is at